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Don’t forget how important your base layout is and that can have a huge impact on your game’s further progress. So make sure you place your buildings properly, especially the Town Hall for it is the most important building. Slow down your enemies by building good defensive mechanisms such as surrounding walls and cannons. The more you build the better. After all, you can never have to much protection.Also keep in mind that you need to constantly upgrade your buildings and your troops. And now when you have unlimited amounts of resources (thanks to our Clash of Clans hack) that shouldn’t be a problem.Enjoy your game whether you choose to go as a single-player or you join in a clan. In order for our hack to work, you will have to update your Clash of Clans game with the latest version for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). Grab the latest version of the game via Google Play or iTunes. Please do not use modded APK(s) since we only test it with the official releases of the game and we can not guarantee success when using modified versions of the game.